Bring in The New Year!

Another of my holiday traditions is asking creative friends what they resolve to do in the New Year. Or when they *intend* to do, hope to do, plan to do; it turns out a lot of creative types really don’t like the rigid structure of making “resolutions,” and that’s perfectly fine: it doesn’t matter one bit how you think of it; what matters is that the beginning of a new year is a wonderful opportunity for thinking about things you might want to change, goals you might want to set, things that are going well that you want to reinforce. So I asked my friends on Facebook—and, man, are they the BEST—to share their creative whatever-you-want-to-call-them for 2014. They had so many fabulously inspiring ideas that I’ve divided them roughly into groups. This first one is about getting back to what matters.

Sharon says, “I don’t usually make resolutions, since those are too easily broken. But I do try and think about the things I could improve, experiment with, or get back into something I had been neglecting…like my drawing. I seem to get more things done that way, than hanging that heavy “resolution” tag on something.”

Judy says, “I don’t make resolutions but I hope to be able to spend more time working with precious metal clay and save enough money to buy a kiln.”

Kathryn says, “Thanks for asking. My plans for 2014 — 1) more illegal street art 2) less photographs 3) more drawings 4) nudity/naked bodies (mine and others) 5) a short film shot on my iPhone.”

Maureen says, “Just start. Don’t overthink. Quit procrastinating. Just make a mark on the page.”

Several people mentioned drawing: start drawing, get back to drawing, practice drawing. Jen says, “Draw. Every. Day,” and Doris adds, “To blog on a regular basis (not the two -three times I currently average) and to draw, draw, draw.” Carin says, “To do more drawing with just a pen. To start a new visual journal and mail it in for possible publishing. I also want to learn to knit just so I can make infinity scarves in every color.”


Some people want to learn something new. Pati says, “I want to learn to do more patient meditative detailed work…. paper cutting and involved stitching to name a few,” and Laurie says, “I plan to play with eco-printing, natural dyeing, shibori, and studying the art of boro.” Jessica says that 2014 is her “year to stitch,” which I love, of course.

And there are plenty of us who want to focus on their own creative pursuits, whatever those are, without getting bogged down in the distractions. Tracy says, “I am going to keep trying, keep learning, keep practicing and stop doubting my abilities.” Linda adds, “The first 5 months of the new year I am planning to focus on doing LOTS of art. I am planning on setting aside 2-3 hours every morning 5 days a week to create. Mindless play… the rest of the year will get gobbled up with doing art/craft shows, which means I then have little time for play. I have neglected my art time and it’s not one bit healthy for me!”

That’s a recurring theme, as well: realizing that creativity is essential to our health. Michele adds, “Now that I’m in my right mind and no longer wandering around like a ghost because of this ongoing horrendous divorce stuff: going to work on my studio, get back into creativity, meet more creative people, and enjoy my photography. Also more care of my health.”

Karen says, “I am starting with a big studio sale, then a big studio overhaul…I have been working in the functional realm for so long…want to give myself the time and space to play with other mediums and art that is about ‘ideas’ that don’t depend on someone’s ear or wrist!…I would also love to write….for arts related things….maybe something like artist interviews on my blog…oh, and get better at photography…that’s a constant.”


I especially love what Tanya says of her primary plan for 2014: “Mine is something along the lines of not trying to keep up with the Joneses. To pursue my own path without concern for whether it will or won’t fit in a particular show, please judges, get purchased, make people uncomfortable.” For someone who shows her work regulary, that’s kind of major—and really inspiring.

On Friday, we’ll share some more resolutions/plans, these having to do with business. Talk about inspiring~~


U5872_final_cover.inddFor all of you who wanted to add more drawing in your new year, check out Sketch Your World by James Hobbs.






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