Bring in The New Year! Part 2

In our second New Year’s Resolution/Plan/Wish/Goal post, we talk about the business-related goals we plan to work toward this year. Get out the notebook—there’s a lot to consider here.

Judah has done some thinking about this and succinctly sums up his plans: “Goal for 2014: Complete enough paintings in a specific style/theme to have enough for an actual, cohesive show. I tend to be all over the place, creatively, which is great for keeping me entertained and busy… but not so great for putting a show together.” For artists who want to take the next step in getting their work out there, thinking about a cohesive body of work is indeed important. Lorri says, “I feel like in the last few years I have been a bit scattered, going in many directions with what I create, and I’d like to be more grounded and follow through with the ideas I have and have more conviction for a body of work, more focus.”

Carole Ann says, “1. I need to make the effort to document my work. 2. Try and have my art fit three categories (in style or subject) in the hopes of a cohesive solo show some time. 3. Push myself to join more group shows for 2014, to get my name out there.”

Cody says,  “I am making a creative commitment to enter at least four juried shows in 2014. Whether I get in is another thing. But, at least I am going to try.”


For others, it’s about figuring out ways to get our work out there, either online or in print. Scarlet says, “Teach my first mixed media class, set up a website with help of tech savvy friends, get myself in my favorite magazine and make more art friends……abandon my art,” and then she adds, “”And I want to knit a pair of socks…..” Judy, too, has dreams of being published this year, as do a lot of us: Susan says, “I want to quilt more and downsize my stash….would love to be published on the cover of a magazine.”

Penny says, “I want to write a book! I want to make a Doodle book and get it published. ( I have started this.) I also want to write a novel or at least an interesting story. I would love to try to take some painting classes and what ever else catches my eye.”

Kirsten says, “I have lots of creative goals…my top three are 1) be creative every day…no more long weeks without studio time 2) get published 3) learn a new technique…love to learn!”

Robin’s list is ambitious but totally doable. She says, “Setting up a studio in our new home, organizing and setting up an area where I can perhaps teach and form a creative art group that meets regularly. Definitely blogging more. And finally, getting my art business up and running (not much to want to do, eh?).”

There are those who, like me, want to work on balance. Diane says, “Be disciplined with my time, clear goals, knit and knit some more!” and Traci says, “BALANCE: I want to balance my time with self-care and artwork and set aside a specified number of hours per day for each. Those are my main two areas of focus for 2014 along with several ancillary tasks, e.g. take better photographs, join or form a local group of art-minded people, spend less time on social media and work on a series for a cohesive body of work.” Norola has very specific plans, which is an excellent way to start, and she says,  “Thank you so much for the opportunity to share! This really encourages everyone to solidify their plans and goals for the New Year, and sharing it publicly adds accountability. Creative goals for 2014: 1) Join Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) 2) Get certain art pieces copyrighted 3) Re -commit to daily art making 4) Get art published! 5) Get better at using social media to promote my art.”


Whatever your business-related plans for 2014, we all wish you success. Come back on Monday for our third and final post, this one about decluttering, de-stashing, getting the studio ready: in short, concrete plans that are an excellent first step, no matter which direction you’re heading in this year.


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Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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