Bring in The New Year! Part 3

This last set of plans and goals for 2014 is near and dear to my heart, as you know if you’re a regular here with us. I’m one of those people who loves few things better than clearing out stuff, finding new homes for stuff, organizing the stuff that’s left, and then sitting around admiring the freed-up space and, I admit, patting myself on the back for being so virtuous. Because, of course, there were long, long years in there where I was not so good at clearing stuff out.


Excuse me while I snort and pause to wipe my eyes here. What a huge, huge understatement that was up there. One time a friend came to visit and walked in this office studio and looked around and said, “Wow! I can actually see the baseboards over there on that side. I’ve never seen them before.” And I realized that this was, indeed, true: I had always had so much stuff piled and stacked and stored in every inch of space that you couldn’t see the baseboards. Or the walls: they were covered with tiny shelves I’d put up to store my rather-unwieldy collection of rubber stamps. No, I was not a hoarder; I used all this stuff. I just had way, way too much stuff once rubber stamping and paper crafting were no longer part of what I did for a living.


But forget about me; let’s see what other people are thinking about in the realm of decluttering and organizing in the new year~~


Ellen says, “For the three areas of life, ‘Be ~ Do ~ Have,’ I resolve in my creative life to reduce the ‘have’ and increase the ‘do.'” What an elegantly simple way to look at it. If only getting there were that simple, of course.

Suella says, “Finally felt well enough to carefully do work on making a studio space out of a garage. It will take many months at the rate I can manage but baby steps are the way forward for me.”

Angie says, “”Due to my crazy life of kids, working multiple jobs, and adding a man (who is now my husband) into my life over the past year, I’ve had no creative time and I feel like I’m dying. This next year, I am feeding my soul again but in order to facilitate that goal, I must clean out my studio so I can actually walk in it. So, first on the list for the year is a major focus on my studio to get it functional.”

Lisa says, “I am totally simplifying and decluttering my house in order to streamline my routine and thus have more time for my journals and for sewing.”

Declutters? We are legion:

Daris says, “I want to go corner to corner, bit by bit , starting small. Drawer by drawer and box by box cleaning and tossing. Clear the mind of stored clutter. I can’t be creative or move forward in life with so much holding me down!”

Peggy says,  “I am going through every single drawer, file, and container in my studio. Then I will donate the good stuff and toss the worn out supplies (paint, pens and glue from 15 years)…….I need to be ruthless! I have a container of tin boxes I have saved for altered projects…out they go. I have to be ruthless. I don’t want the boys to have to clean out my stash and wonder why I have wine corks, magazines, domino tiles, etc., and wonder if I was a hoarder! Once stuff is gone I won’t remember what was there in the first place.” Ahh, yes. I know that feeling exactly: once it’s gone, I’ll never even remember it. So why, really, was it so important in the first place? I can’t remember that, either.

And there are those of us (ahem) who want to finish the things we’ve already started. In some cases, like Leighanna’s, there are rather a lot of started things. She counts 56 projects waiting for her to tackle them. Eileen agrees, saying, “The same as it is every year……finish all those projects I have in every corner of my home.”

Judy sums it up very simply, saying, “I am going to get off of the social media more and back to my art table.” If only it were easy to walk away, right? No, it’s not easy, but it is so, so worth it to make time and space for your art. Join us, won’t you, as we start, bit by bit, baby step by baby step, working to make 2014 the most creative year yet. We’ll leave you with Belli, who says, “I intend to make more artistic mistakes. Because that means I’m creating, with abandonment, which sometimes just doesn’t work out to be something salvageable. But it DOES mean I’m attempting, that I’m actively letting creative ideas loose. I would like to let go of worrying about completing it correctly so much that I don’t even start. Here’s to gay abandon. Isn’t there a quote somewhere close to ‘Everyone can make art. The trick is to know what to save and what to let go of.'”


Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe

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