Check This Out: Miguel Endara & 3.2 Million Dots

Pointillism has always intrigued me. Making art with just dots = amazing. And scary: for someone who avoids counting things lest I end up counting them forEVER, I found this video because the title in the link was “3.2 million dots,” and my first thought was, of course, “How do they know? Did they count them all? One by one?! Nooooooooo~~”

You can find out the answer to that on the video page, where you’ll want to go right now to watch how he took an image of his dad’s face pressed on the plate of a photocopy machine–just goofing around–and created this amazing work. [It won’t let me embed Vimeo videos here, so click on the image to go watch the video.]

"Hero" by Miguel Endara


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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