Check This Out: Ron Pippin

I’m going to start getting better about sharing the things I find online that might be as cool and inspiring to someone else as they are to me. In most cases, this won’t be someone I know or have contacted, so I’ll limit the images to just a few teasers and encourage you to go to the website and see for yourself.

Let’s start with Ron Pippin. Here’s the website, and here are a couple photos of what you’ll find there.

"Dog on Stilts 2" by Ron Pippin

(no title listed) by Ron Pippin

"Archive Box 1" by Ron Pippin

Amazing, yes? There’s so, so much more–you can look around for days.

It’s funny how I found this site. I was cleaning out my sewing studio, getting ready for some construction. There were a bunch of postcards taped to the wall, and one of them was of one of Pippin’s exhibits back in 1999. The postcard had been sent to me by someone whose friend had once been engaged to Pippin. I liked the image and taped the postcard on the wall. I never thought to check for a website–back then, that wasn’t the first thing you thought of: “Oh, I’d better go online and see more!”

Now, of course, that’s exactly what we do, and sometimes we’re rewarded with a really nice site like Pippin’s, full of inspiration. Again, here’s the link. Enjoy!


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