Creativity & Eccentricity

I just read a really interesting article over at Scientific American, found by following a link that I now can’t seem to trace back (big thanks to whoever posted that link wherever I stumbled across it!). The title is The Unleashed Mind: Why Creative People are Eccentric, by Shelley Carson, and you can read it here.

Whatever you think about creativity, eccentricity, and “madness,” this will give you food for thought. With new technology, researchers are finding out more and more about how our brains function and how some brains differ from others. For those of us who have always been just the teeniest bit odd, it’s both disconcerting and comforting. We’re uncomfortable reading that some of the traits we’ve lived with as long as we can remember are closely associated with some rather debilitating forms of mental illness (especially if, like me, you had loved ones who suffered from these), and we’re pleased to read that there may be good excuses for things that our friends and family have maybe blamed on our attempts to be odd and attract attention.

For me, this article was especially heartening in its last paragraphs, where Carson concludes that there may well be a brighter future for those who are incapable of thinking inside the box:

“As the market value of creative thinking increases, the round-hole world may continue to make adjustments to accommodate and assimilate eccentrics. Such accommodations already exist in communities with high concentrations of artists, writers, scientists and computer geeks. Managers within these communities tolerate bizarre clothing choices, disregard of normal social protocols and nontraditional work schedules in the interest of promoting innovation.”

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if more companies valued innovation and ideas more than they did the corporate culture, if they rewarded inspired thinking more than they did conformity? Go. Read the article. Tell us what you think about it~~we’d love to hear your opinion.


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