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As I mentioned last week, my new book, Destination: Creativity–The Life-Altering Journey of the Art Retreat, has just been released. In the process of traveling to all the art retreats for this project, my photographer (also my husband, also known as The Ever-Gorgeous Earl) took rather a lot of photographs. Thousands of photographs. Many thousands of photographs.  And since the book isn’t a huge, multi-volume behemoth, most of those photographs didn’t make it into the book, alas. Even some of my favorites–there just wasn’t enough room. So I’m going to be sharing some of those, mostly over on my blog, Notes from the Voodoo Cafe, but also here. I wanted to start with Art and Soul because we’re getting ready to go to its Portland incarnation at the end of this month. We’ll have a book signing there, so if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to check it out.

Glenny Desem-Moire started Art & Soul in 2002 with its flagship retreat in Portland. Since then, there have been Art & Soul retreats in Dallas, Asilomar, Virginia Beach, and Las Vegas. We went to the inaugural event in Las Vegas in 2010 and then, months later, to Virginia Beach. Here are some photos from the latter. For even more cool photos, go here.

Sue Perna

Richard Salley

These (above) were some of the goodies in the shop that was open all day every day.

I think this was for an electro-forming workshop. Don Madden (below) would know; he had a dead frog to electroform:

Don Madden

Don's dead frog

Opie O'Brien

I think the project, above, is from Michael deMeng’s workshop, but I’m not sure. Anybody?

Michael deMeng's workshop

Next time we’ll have more photos from another retreat. Yay–photos!

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