Don’t Forget #StitchLounge Tonight!

Or, rather, about 20 hours after this post goes up, wherever you are. I hope that even if you’re not a huge, raving fan of Twitter, you’ll brave the waters enough to join us–I’m getting really excited about this adventure.

In case you missed Monday’s post and my post on my blog at The Voodoo Cafe, here’s a recap: we’re going to have a regular Twitter salon on the first Wednesday of every month, where you can log in and use the hashtag #StitchLounge to talk about what you’re working on and see what we’re working on, too. You can ask questions, share techniques, offer suggestions, tell us your favorite sources for beads, fibers, needles, and–coolest of all–upload photos of what you’re working on. It’s at 9 pm CST, 10 pm Eastern, 8 pm Mountain, and 7 pm Pacific. And some time in the middle of the day in Australia~~

Some ideas:

~~use your webcam to take photos of what you’re working on–you can upload and share instantly

~~try Tweet Chat so you don’t have to type in the hashtag every time

~~make some notes of questions you have, ideas, sources–things you’d like to share.

~~invite your friends, post it on your blog, share it on Facebook. It’s the kind of thing where more really is merrier. I’m hoping someone joins who can help me figure out a solution to the armholes in my Alabama Chanin pattern fitted top. Sheesh.


See you tonight!


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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