Eye Candy from Art Is You in Nashville

I thought I’d take a break from all the warnings and dire admonitions about safety to show you a few of the photos from Art is You in Nashville. This is the first year for this venue–it’s also held in Stamford, Connecticut, and Petaluma, California–and the Sheraton there was really lovely:

Freeman-Zachery Art is Nashville 5

Some of the workshop rooms opened out onto private balconies, and others opened onto the pool. Although it was a little chilly for swimming, it was a lovely view, and everyone was too busy to swim, anyway.

Freeman-Zachery Art is Nashville 8

We had a fabulous time–The Voodoo Lounge was open, and we had great fun doing interviews, which you can watch here, here, and here.

Our own Sue Pelletier led a huge evening paint party, complete with music, wine, and cake–plus lots of paint and glitter:

Freeman-Zachery Art is You Nashville 2

There were bunny ears:

Freeman-Zachery Art is you Nashville 7

That’s Miss Sophie, my New Best Friend, over on the left (with Kecia, her driver), the one *not* wearing bunny ears because–duh!–she has fabulous ears of her own.

cowboy hats:

Freeman-Zachery Art is you Nashville 5


Freeman-Zachery Art is you Nashville 6

good food:

Freeman-Zachery Art is Nashville 10

and lots and lots of fun:

Freeman-Zachery Art is Nashville 9

It’s not too late to join in–go to the Art is You website to find out which venue is calling to you!

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2 Responses to Eye Candy from Art Is You in Nashville

  1. Seth says:

    Thanks for bringing Nashville to us Rice. I love all things Art-Is-You!

  2. Rice Freeman-Zachery says:

    Thanks, Seth–I do, too!