Diana Trout’s Traveling Journal Kit

I asked the fabulous Diana Trout to share her personal travel journal kit, and not only did she agree, but she added instructions for making a simple, easy-to-carry journal out of a single sheet of paper. Here’s Diana:

Rice wrote an article recently about taking road trips.

"One of These Things" by Diana Trout

“One of These Things” by Diana Trout

With the fine weather approaching, holidays and vacations are one step closer. Now is the time to set up an art journal kit and make a smaller sized journal to tuck inside.
I keep a kit year ‘round because it is convenient for me to journal or sketch anywhere, anytime. Your kit could be a shoebox, a backpack or any kind of bag. The trick is to think carefully about what you want in there and take a minimalist approach.

"Moodling" by Diana Trout

“Moodling” by Diana Trout

Whether you are going on a trip to some exotic place, your backyard or a meet up, getting organized is really a time saver.
You may want to take an hour or two and sort through your supplies. Make the hard choices on what to include and what to leave behind. Here’s what I keep in my journal.

Since you want to take a minimalist view of your kit, this is a very simple journal with a couple of nice details that I keep in my kit. Tip: make a few at a time!

One Sheet, One Journal by Diana Trout

One Sheet, One Journal by Diana Trout

Download the supply list and instructions here, and then watch the video:

Keep your art journal and supplies handy for an instant “gotta journal right now” fix. See more about art journaling on my blog and my book, Journal Spilling.






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