Gift Ideas for The Artist on Your List

Maybe you have someone for whom you’d like to buy a gift  for the Winter Gift-Giving Holiday of your choice, but you’re just not sure what. Maybe you have no idea what they need. Maybe she’s a working artist with specific requirements–he uses a certain kind of paint, perhaps, or a certain gauge of silver wire. Or maybe you’re the artist, and people keep asking you what you’d like to receive, and it would be nice to point them to some suggestions like these from my friends on Facebook.

Tammy says,  “A watercolor or sketch moleskine journal in A4 or 5×8″ size would be a luxurious gift for any type of artist. Many artists sketch ideas, take notes or journal even if their main medium is painting or bookbinding.”

Carin says, “What is still on my wishlist is the full selection of Pitt Big Brush markers. I have six colors now and I love them. They are filled with waterproof India ink and their tip is just the right balance between soft and sturdy. I love how they feel in my hand. A thing I did treat myself to recently is a big box of artist grade watercolour. They are so rich and creamy that it feels like such a luxury to use them. Sigh…” Luxuries are good: if you know someone who never buys themselves anything but what they need, a small-but-decadent treat might be just the thing. Think a couple tubes of first-rate paint or one amazing watercolor brush.
Jeannie says, “I am coveting some quality watercolor brushes. For my sister the paper artist, I make her a Creating Box every year filled with products that have just come out, exotic papers, and bling.” This is an excellent idea if you’re one of those shoppers who always knows the minute cool new stuff hits the shelves and knows someone who would love a selection to try but maybe wouldn’t be so indulgent for themselves.

For more help, you can check out our own shop here at Create Mixed Media, where you’ll find lists of the top five gifts for artists in specific media, like this one for watercolor artists.

If you know the artist fairly well, you can get specific, as Carolyn suggests,  “For me personally, as far as jewelry goes, gifts of the things I go through the most would be nice. Jump rings, different colored wire, some pretty clasps or interesting chain, surgical steel ear wires, etc.” If the artist works with faux bone, you can go here to find a selection of tools and materials offered by Robert Dancik, author of Amulets and Talismans. There you’ll also find supplies from Thomas Mann, author of Metal Artist’s Workbench.


OK–we’re out of room for today, but come back on Wednesday for reasons why the much-maligned gift certificate is often pretty close to perfect.



Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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