Giveaway! Kelly Moore’s “Absurdity is My Friend: Art and Stories from the Desert”

I met Kelly Moore at the Flea Market in Santa Fe in the summer of 2009 and was so jazzed by his paintings–and by his shed:

Kelly's shed at the Santa Fe Flea Market

~~that I sent images to my editor at Somerset Studio, where we later featured his work in an artist portfolio (May/June 2010). He’s got a brand-new book out, and he sent me a couple of copies to give away on my blog. I thought it would be cool to give more people a chance to win, so I’m going to give one away here and one away over there at The Voodoo Cafe. You can enter both places, if you’d like. Sorry, but you need to have a US mailing address–overseas shipping, even of bound printed matter, is just prohibitive.

What you need to do to enter is go here, to Kelly’s website, look around see something you like, and then leave a comment telling us about it. What did you see? What about it appeals to you? I’ll pick a winner in next Monday’s blog post.


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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6 Responses to Giveaway! Kelly Moore’s “Absurdity is My Friend: Art and Stories from the Desert”

  1. DycheDesigns says:

    I love Kelly’s dead cowboy pieces and the hares but I especially love the dead cowboy joins the naked assassin. There are just so many elements at play from the colors he uses to the characters depicted and the masks they each wear. Crazy cool.

  2. Tephyr says:

    I love all of them!

    The one I really liked was Alchemy Bird.

    But it was hard to decide.

  3. ashtonelaine says:

    Wow, thanks for opening my eyes to this great artist.. It’s hard to choose but I really like Birth of a New Myth. This one stands out with a white background, and I love the mystical feeling that the floating heads seem to evoke. Each face is different, and they remind me a little of some of Picasso’s cubist figures. I would really like to know Kelly’s interpretation of this painting. The more I look at it, the more I notice about it. I love the symmetry of the two birds at the bottom on each side and the snake below, in between.

  4. nablooms says:

    I liked the ‘three red dog” and ‘the wheel’ , the most. “three red dogs” have quite some texture and couple of well balanced layers.. I liked the placement of various shapes and the use of various solid colors have been pleasantly put ..
    One would need quite some time to study through various layers .
    The wheel is again a well balanced painting and the combination of earth colors with white. Again the natural texture of the wood has been beautifully highlighted…. Especially loved the marking In this paintings — a wonderful use of the space created by white and cream. The nails on th periphery adds to the dimension. Loved how the holes in the wood have been beautifully used to be part of the painting.

    “Smiley” , giant and NOw are beautifully designed from scraps. I loved his use of superb solid colors in these paintings

  5. donnajoy says:

    I think what first drew me to his work was the similarities to the old petroglyphs which i had a facination with when i was younger. His use of color and marks~

  6. Robert says:

    I love Kelly Moore’s work! My favorite painting of his is one called “the Lost Child,” which included this poem: last summer
    a lost child came to my shed
    at the flea market
    she told me
    she lived under the volcano
    with her friends
    Wow! What amazes me most about these paintings is the incredible intuitive sensibility behind each one of them!