Hearts, Hearts Everywhere

Happy Valentine’s Day! And, yes, I know some of your less-romatic sorts are grumbling mightily about the proliferation of pink and lace and ribbons and general frou-frou mushiness, but before you decide I’ve gone over to The Dark Side and will soon show up at your front door with a sparkly wand and a tub of heart-shaped glitter, hear me out. Hearts in art? Totally cool. Now, I’m as guilty as the next person for occasionally resorting to the traditional Valentine heart shape. See?

Freeman-Zachery hearts 3


And then there’s this, which is only marginally less predictable:

Freeman-Zachery hearts 2

The fun thing about this was that I made my husband a t-shirt for Valentine’s Day last year and had every other puzzle piece left over and so used them on this. The challenge was piecing them together smoothly.

Freeman-Zachery hearts 1


But when hearts get cool, at least for me, is when they’re realistic hearts, rather than Valentine hearts. This is one of my favorite pieces ever, never mind that it was crazy-making to work on. It was a top I bought, and then I figured out the pattern myself, trying to keep it realistic while simplifying as much as possible since it’s tough to make details out of one color of beads:

Freeman-Zachery hearts 5 Freeman-Zachery hearts 4


Freeman-Zachery hearts 6


If you’re like me and anatomical hearts intrigue you, here are some pieces you’ll want to check out. I don’t have permission to post photos here, so I’ll just provide links.

Here’s some wonderfully detailed embroidery. A fabulous felted heart. A doodle heart to give you some ideas. Here’s a fabulous piece by Betsy Youngquist (I couldn’t find it on her site to link to it there but you should absolutely spend some time checking out her amazing work).


You get the idea: from paper cuts to needle felting to tattoos (lots and lots of tattoos), you can find anatomical hearts that are just amazing, without a ribbon or snippet of lace anywhere to be seen. (Of course, if ribbons and lace are what you want, you can find those hearts, too.)


And if you hang out on Pinterest, grab a cut of tea, put “hearts” in the search box, and get ready to scroll. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.

Anatomically Speaking final_160Want to try a heart project of your own? Make this “Anatomically Speaking” piece by Josie Cirincione, featured in Collage Crafts Gone Wild.





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