Here’s Your Chance!

Well, one of them, anyway–because you’re no doubt finding all kinds of opportunities to get your work out there after we talked here and here and here, right? But this a chance to get it out there simply and without a ton of stress or work on your part. We’re making it really, really easy because we want you to slip into it painlessly.

Go to the home page and check out The Week as Art. You’ll have noticed, I’m sure, that it changes every week (duh: The. *Week* As. Art.). We’ve had some of our favorite artists kicking off these first few weeks, and we’ve got a bunch more lined up for the next couple months, and we were getting ready to invite more people we love but suddenly realized what a perfect opportunity this is to give other people a chance to show off what they’re doing. And it’s a really easy, stress-free way to take that first little step in getting your work out to a larger audience.

The basics: you’ll be assigned a week, and then you’ll create seven pieces of related art, one for each day. You’ll do the dates for that week, so you’ll do seven consecutive numbers. Easy. Simple. The fun part is that you can create those numbers in gazillions of ways:  with crayons, with lumber, with twigs, with crackers, with photos, with canvasses, with stencils or paint or pens or clothespins. You can make them of fabric or yarn or cat whiskers or cut-up magazine pages. Or, or, or–I mean, seriously: it’s endless.

I’m guessing you’re going to have so much fun with this that you’re going to want to do it again. And that’s cool. The other benefit to you is that, besides showing a little piece of art with your name next to it, your name will link to your web page or blog–whichever you prefer–so people can jump over there and see more. Set it to link to your gallery page, wherever that is. Cool indeed.

So what are you waiting for? Go here to send a note and get more information. And then have fun thinking of how you’ll create your Week as Art.


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