How Many Projects are Too Many Projects?

Yikes. That’s all I can say is, “Yikes.” When I started going around photographing all the projects I have lined up, waiting for me to start on them, it was kind of scary. Will I ever get to them all? And, if so, *when*? It’s not like I don’t have other stuff I have to do–you know, like deadlines and stuff. And it’s not like I have so much empty space in my house that I need to have projects hanging around to fill it up. Like decorations or something.

See what I mean? These are all garments ready to alter, in most cases already matched with floss and beads and scraps of fabric:

It looks like a total disaster–and, as I admitted, it *is* scary–but it’s also inspiring. Energizing. Motivating: the more things I have to do, the more I want to tackle. I’m willing to spend hours in the evening working on something just so I can finish it and get to the next thing, because The Next Thing is always the most exciting. And then the one after that. And then the one after that! I get inspired just seeing what I’ve got waiting for me.

Is this the way it works for you, too? Or does it work differently? I’d love to hear about it–post a comment and tell us about the process~~


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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5 Responses to How Many Projects are Too Many Projects?

  1. Seth says:

    I always have a long list of projects that I work on at the same time. For me this is one of the reasons I have never experienced a creative block — there is always something that I am eager to work on.

  2. Zom says:

    I have project envy.

    I do have 6 or 7 paintings going on at once, with more waiting in my sketchbook. And I do have a pile of clothing waiting to be refashioned, but I haven’t gotten any hand-stitching lined up with floss and ready to go. Feel like sending some of those projects over here? I am in the mood for some hand-stitching.

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