In The Voodoo Lounge with Kecia & Sophie

In our second video from The Voodoo Lounge at Art is You–Nashville, I get to talk to Kecia Deveney. I love Kecia, I really do, and everyone who knows her thinks she’s fabulous. But she’s not really getting much attention these days. Not any at all, really, except as a kind of stage prop, or–as I call her–A Driver. You know: as in the mom who drives her little princess around and is invisible because of the sparkle from The Princess and her tiara. That’s what it’s like for Kecia these days since she adopted Sophie, whom you’ll see in the video, and has become Sophie’s Driver. Sophie is one of those puppies who make everyone squeal and lose their minds. I’m not even a dog person (the cats wouldn’t allow it), and *I* acted like a crazy person over Sophie. She’s that cute. But while you’re squealing over Sophie here, pay attention to what Kecia is saying, because she has some really good things to say about creativity and inspiration. Plus, you know, she’s holding The Princess~~

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Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.




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