International Quilt Festival 2012

Oh, my little chickadees, what can I say? There is truly nothing like International Quilt Festival. Well, not that *I’ve* ever seen, and I’ve been to art retreats across the country. You know: I told you about them in Destination Creativity. They’re all quite fabulous, but Quilt Festival has a special place in my heart. I met it first, before any of the mixed media art retreats, and I’ve been back many times–I think we’ve made it every year since–and it never disappoints. Maybe it’s because it’s in Texas, so we don’t have to fly to get there (although, being Texas, there is a bit of a drive: 8 full hours’ worth). Maybe it’s because it’s so big (again: Texas) that you never run out of things to see. I think, though, it’s because we see so many people we know–people from other retreats (there are a lot of workshops, and some of those are by instructors known for their mixed-media workshops), people we’ve met in previous years, people we wouldn’t expect to see at a traditional quilt show.

We took some photos for you (because I hope to see all of y’all there eventually, of course–I’m on a mission! And, no, they do not pay me to advertise–I’m just a fan). Enjoy!

Ogier Trading Company from Moss Beach, CA
Fabulous fibers

Handbehg Felts
Three categories: felt balls, kits, and flat goods (sourced salvaged knitted wool). Felt, cut, package it themselves.

You can buy tools and–whoa–even mops that turn into steamers. Not my thing, but hey!

Beads: booth of April Melody of Rockledge, FL

C&M Collectibles Chilton, TX
Any kind of fabulous thread storage you can imagine.

BeadStuff from Austin, TX

See you there next year, I hope~~

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