International Quilt Festival 2012

Oh, my little chickadees, what can I say? There is truly nothing like International Quilt Festival. Well, not that *I've* ever seen, and I've been to art retreats across the country. You know: I told you about them in Destination Creativity. They're all quite fabulous, but Quilt Festival has a special place in my heart. I met it first, before any of the mixed media art retreats, and I've been back many times--I think we've made it every year since--and it never disappoints. Maybe it's because it's in Texas, so we don't have to fly to get there (although, being Texas, there is a bit of a drive: 8 full hours' worth). Maybe it's because it's so big (again: Texas) that you never run out of things to see. I think, though, it's because we see so many people we know--people from other retreats (there are a lot of workshops, and some of those are by instructors known for their mixed-media workshops), people we've met in previous years, people we wouldn't expect to see at a traditional quilt show. We took some photos for you (because I hope to see all of y'all there eventually, of course--I'm on a mission! And, no, they do not pay me to advertise--I'm just a fan). Enjoy!

Ogier Trading Company from Moss Beach, CA
Fabulous fibers

Handbehg Felts
Three categories: felt balls, kits, and flat goods (sourced salvaged knitted wool). Felt, cut, package it themselves.

You can buy tools and--whoa--even mops that turn into steamers. Not my thing, but hey!

Beads: booth of April Melody of Rockledge, FL

C&M Collectibles Chilton, TX
Any kind of fabulous thread storage you can imagine.

BeadStuff from Austin, TX

See you there next year, I hope~~ Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.
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