Join us at #StitchLounge!

If you went to Melanie Testa’s fabulous webinar yesterday, you heard her mention at the end about #StitchLounge, our virtual stitching salon that starts this Wednesday on Twitter. It’s going to be fabulous fun, with people all over the world stitching and tweeting and uploading photos to share what they’re working on. I’m going to start out working on this bolero I made from an Alabama Chanin pattern in her newest book, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design:


The salon will begin this Wednesday at 9 pm Central Standard Time. I’ve written a blog post over at The Voodoo Cafe with all the details, and you can go there to find out everything you need to know, but, really, here’s what you need: It’s free, everyone’s invited, and it’s going to be amazing. Join us!


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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