Journeys to Abstraction: And We Have a Winner!

The abstract art fan and winner for the copy of Journeys to Abstraction is Laura Tetrault. Congratulations, Laura! If you’ll send your address to me at ricefz at gmail, I’ll get this baby in the mail to you ASAP.

For those of you who’d like to know more about this book (which you can order here), I thought I’d link to the websites of some of the contributing artists, just to give you more of a little peek and to provide you with some Monday Morning Eye Candy, because of course that’s what everyone needs to start off the week, right? I mean, you’re sitting at your desk, bleary-eyed, waiting for the coffee to kick in. What better way to help it along than to look at this, from BJ Adams? She’s one of the contributors, and I did a podcast with her a while back, which you can listen to here.  She’s featured in the current issue of Art Quilting Studio (go there and scroll down for a teaser), as well–you can read my profile of her on page 78.

BJ is the only contributor I know, but it was fun getting to see the work of the others. Pour another cup and check out some of these:

Sue St. John, the author of the book, has a website here.

I especially like Katherine Cartwright’s abstracts. Check them out here.

Here’s Lana Grow’s site. Here’s one of my favorites, Sun to Earth Revealed.  And you definitely have to check out her Artsy Discoveries and Hints page–this is wonderful! Everything from a new quick-release tape she found at Lowe’s to the tip on erasing metallic pen ink. Also how to remove acrylic paint from your hands and fingernails without ruining acrylic nails. I don’t have any fingernails to worry about, but if I did, I would love this tip.

I love Jane E. JonesTrain Ride (page 163, but I can’t find it on her websiteinspired by a ride from Silverton to Durango. I’ve been on that train twice, once as a little kid and once with my husband, and her painting is richly evocative for me.

There’s more, of course–more than 50 artists contributed to this book, and many of them have websites where you could lose yourself for days.

Congratulations again, Laura!


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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