Melly Has a New Website: Another Reason to Make a Little Video

I’ve talked before about all the things you can do with videos. Here’s one. And here.

It would have been easy for Melanie just to send out an announcement–“Hey! I’ve changed my website and blog!” but this is just way, way cooler:

You get the information, sure, but you also get to see Melly at work in her studio and see her turning the pages of her brand-new book, Dreaming from the Journal Page, and you get to see Arrow and listen to some cool music, all at the same time. Way more effective than just saying, “Hey. Website update. Check it out.”

I really, really urge you to just jump in. Most phones have video capabilities, as do most point-and-shoot cameras. They may not be the best or the snazziest, but it’s a start. You may find you don’t really enjoy it enough to invest in anything fancier, but then again, you might love it. And even then, it needn’t be expensive–you can produce perfectly good videos with a video camera that costs less than $300 and software you probably already have. I use a Flip Video (they’re no longer making them, but they were the simplest of the simple) and iMovie–my total investment was less than $200 and a lot of time to experiment–but the time invested was a lot of fun.

Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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