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On Monday I asked Tonia about Pinterest, and today I ask some of my editors over at Stampington. Turns out almost everyone is a huge, huge fan.

First let’s check in with Andrea Rangno, an Assistant Editor at Stampington who edits Stampers’ Sampler, Take Ten and Greencraft.

How would you describe Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online forum for creativity. Users can create inspiration boards that link directly to the source of each project/recipe/photo etc. They can follow someone else’s boards, whose tastes and interests they admire. And there is space to open a discourse about what is pinned via comments and “likes”

 Why do you like it?

I like Pinterest because the interface is so easy to use and accessible. I find the search engine on Pinterest to be very thorough and it really helps me when I’m looking for something specific, such as projects that use recycled denim. The photos are just large enough that I can quickly scan them, and the links make it easy to track each project back to its original creator

 What benefits does it have for mixed media artists?

Pinterest is a vast network of inspiration and blogs. It can be used as a networking tool (i.e. as a way to connect to other mixed-media artists and to promote your own work) or it can be used simply to generate ideas. If an artist is looking for instructions on/ideas for/examples of a specific medium, they are almost always guaranteed to find a large amount of information on Pinterest by doing a simple search.

The more I hear about Pinterest, the more I can feel myself edging over that way, wanting to find out for myself what eye candy awaits~~thanks for sharing this, Andrea!


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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2 Responses to More About Pinterest

  1. CarolineA says:

    Have you asked people about how they feel about handing copyright over to Pinterest? Once something gets pinned, the image/data is stored on their servers, just like FB, and the connection with the original copyright owner is broken. Pinterest claims ownership and copyright over the data on their servers, just like FB, so if your work is copied from your blog and pinned, its gone and you have no legal recourse, even if you did not give permission for your work to be posted there. Trying to take them to court is simply an expensive exercise in futility as they have the money to fight any case brought against them. There is nothing to stop anyone downloading your work from Pinterest and claiming it as their own and selling it on ebay, another company with little or no respect for copyright unless you pay them a lot of money.
    Food for thought?

  2. CarolineA says:

    For anyone worried about copyright please read this blog post to find out about a workaround that will stop your blog being pinned without your permission. Pinterest have supplied this themselves as they are now also concerned about the blatant abuse of copyright. The entry for February 24th on this blog:
    has a well thought out and well written article with links to respected sources that explain why Pinterest is a bad thing as it is currently used, and also links to Pinterest’s own blog for their thoughts on the matter. Now wouldn’t it be nice if other social networking sites grew up and did the same?