Morning Rituals and Routines, Part II

On Monday, I wrote about my own early-morning rituals and routines for getting the ideas flowing, and then I posted on Facebook asking other people what they do. As always, their responses are fabulous–I LOVE hearing how creativity works for other people, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. So here’s what other people had to say about what they do to lure the Muse. And I’m thinking most of you can guess the most commonly-mentioned thing, right? Yeah: coffee.( And: yay, coffee!) It’s also good to know that not everyone is full of ideas (or even full of life) early in the morning. If you’re a night owl, you’re in good company.

Wendy, like me, starts with cats: “Coffee, a cat in the lap and write in the journal,” and Kim G. says, simply, “Coffee.” Think I was joking about joining millions of other people in stumbling into the kitchen for that first cup? Read on!

Michelle wrote, “I turn on my Keurig machine & after 2 cups of coffee my brain kicks in. :)”

Rise’ concurs, saying, “Coffee, the stronger the better!” and Tanya says, “Walk the dog, brew up some espresso, share a slice of peanut butter toast with said canine.”

Diana says, “Coffee and looking at fine art on pinterest.”

Cathy: “Coffee, computer time, moments for me… usually spent writing in my journal as I browse, grateful for the opportunity to live each day!”

Kim says, “Have my Starbucks before I transform into a human form.” And then she adds, “Looks like we all need a caffeine jump start in the morning, lol”

Lori says, “Coffee, music, facebook to see all the creative juices from everyone else. Then I start looking at my blog and determining what I’m going to be doing today.”

Linda R. says, “Coffee and reading,” and Whitney says, “Coffee and knitting are my wake-up routine.” Linda K. notes, “Coffee seems to be a huge helper to most of us! I use the morning coffee time to sort out ideas and make plans of attack!”

For Joyce, it’s “coffee, good breakfast, turn off the news,” and Heather mentioned that, too: “Morning coffee then turn off the TV. A little music in the background, then I’ll go to my art table and review an art journal or other piece of art work in progress and go with the flow.”

Not everyone drinks coffee, of course. Sharon, for instance, favors tea: “A few cups of tea, checking out what’s up with my FB friends, click into New Age Beats on Pandora, and start to work on whatever project I have going.”:) Sharon is a tea-drinker, too: “Must have tea first — then another cup! Check local news to make sure the world is still going on around me. Feed the cat. In to my studio with another cup of tea and reevaluate my current project — change is always a possibility!”

Andrea wrote, “Wander into my workroom and check out what I have laid out for current projects, try to tidy up a little and go through my stash of papers and ‘items I want to use’ (some new, some old) to see what sparks ignite.”

Marilyn says, “A Mountain Dew, check out FB and see what friends are up to, look at some eye candy, food, figure out what kind of trouble I’m looking to get into today if I’m not scheduled elsewhere.”

Robin says, “Fooling around with my supplies always gets me going.”

A couple of night owls chime in: Cindy says, “Since I am not a morning person I usually have all of my “big” art ideas at night, when I get up in the morning I grab the coffee and look at my wish list from the night before…and hope this motivates me to get to the studio.” And Klair adds, “Not a morning person here. I usually grab a coffee, walk the dogs, have some breakfast and then do ‘mundane’ work stuff like answering emails and doing accounts, or editing videos. Once that’s all out of the way I have a spot of lunch, then look around at what needs to be done art wise. The creatives juices usually start flowing while the girls are having another walk and I come home itching to get started.”

Of the hundreds of artists I’ve talked to over the years, a lot of them have mentioned using morning pages. Vicki says, “30 minutes on the treadmill and then 3 pages of writing (Morning Pages ala The Artist’s Way).” It’s a habit that works for lots and lots of creative people.


So what gets the ideas perking around in your head? Let us know–we’d love to hear your perspective on The Morning Routine~~

 If you’re looking for more ways to spark your creativity at any time of day, try Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art by Sherie Gaynor.




Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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