My New Book!

I can’t help the blatant book promotion here because, well: it’s my life right now. We received our copies over the weekend, and, man! are we happy with this baby. Calling it a “baby” isn’t too far off the mark, either: my husband and I collaborated on a 9-month project resulting in something we both think is just totally ginchy.

Maybe “ginchy” isn’t the word most parents would use to describe their offspring, but, hey! It works for this. We are SO pleased with how this turned out. My husband was my photographer, and seeing our work together on these pages is SUCH a thrill.

The other reason I’m blogging about it is that this little book trailer video is pretty much all I’ve done for the past couple days. I’ll get it just like I like it, and then I’ll export it, and then I’ll realize something–some little tweak–that would make it WAY cooler. And I’ll go back and tweak and re-export, and then–well, you get the idea. There is a lot of squealing and clapping involved as I figure out how to make things work–little things, like editing audio to make it do what I want, or speeding up or slowing down the speed. Cropping.

Yeah, I’m easily impressed.

Next time I plan to talk about the process a little–making movies and doing stuff with those movies. Who knew, two years ago, that I had any interest at all in making movies? Huh. You just never know what’s going to capture your interest, do you? Ever wonder what’s out there that *you* might totally love? It’s kind of scary, isn’t it? But, oh! so exciting! Who knows what awaits you if you open your brain up to something fresh.

Anyway–so here’s the movie I made to show everyone what the book is about. It was just more fun than anything, never mind that there’s not a nanosecond of actual video in the movie. See how many of these people you recognize. Who knows–if you’ve been to an art retreat in the past couple years, there’s a chance you might be in here, too. Maybe that’s you hiding behind one of those spoons~~

You can read more about Ricë’s adventures at Notes from the Voodoo Cafe.


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