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So last Wednesday you got to read about some of the new art techniques that are making my artist friends on Facebook really happy these days, and there were so many great comments that we’ve carried it over so we can add some more today.

Linda wrote: “Floating ~ acrylic decorative painting. It allows me to shade and highlight objects in my paintings that help to show form and dimension, softens an edge when needed and is just plain fun to do.”

Carol wrote: “Layers and layers of acrylic glazes, lending transparency to a painting.”

Alice wrote: “Image transfers. Discovering the endless possibilities in transferring one thing to another. I actually like the screw ups, the ‘you weren’t supposed to do it that way’ results are usually more interesting to me.” Here’s a book–Image Transfer Workshop-that will get you started, and here’s a video I did giving you a peak inside.

Linda wrote: “Painting over something that just isn’t working. It’s hard to do, but better than fighting the canvas!”

Jody wrote: “Encaustic….self taught……I’m putting wax on everything….plaster…found objects….my photography and digital art….I’m in a happy place!” Here’s a good place to start to find out more about books, videos and supplies for encaustic.

Lois wrote: “How to make perfect dots on a painting or other surface. Four years of art school and it took all of two seconds from a folkart teacher to learn my favorite technique!”

Jude wrote: “Finally learning to work with polymer clay. I can make things out of it I need for my dolls and it lets me open up my muse to see things differently, to just play and do different things.” And here, because I’m so helpful and all, is a link to more about polymer clay.

Joyce wrote: “Consistent, steady work creates the best atmosphere for new ideas. You have to show up and get busy. Chuck Close said it best: ‘Inspiration is for amateurs.'” I have to admit I’d never heard of Close, so I looked him up, and here’s Chuck Close: Work. Poke around a little; there’s also a DVD.

Betsey wrote: “Fabric painting ~ Not the cute baby – bear painted on the front of a sweatshirt; the type I do is making the fabric aged – I don’t have a clue if there is a ‘right’ way to do this, but I’ve found a method that works really well w/what I have & it looks great. I’m thrilled & will keep working this way.”

Here’s one that just makes me grin: Jennifer wrote: “The last thing I taught myself was balloon twisting. Sounds silly, i know. It’s actually a ton of fun. I love it & all my friends ask me to twist at their child’s bday party. I also do balloon twisting at my child’s school a couple times a year. The other things I’ve taught myself include, loom knitting, knitting,crocheting, and soap & candle making. :-)” I have never even thought of balloon twisting, but now I can’t get it out of my head. I’m guessing that if you google it, there’s even a book for that. Or a video, which would be way fun. And if there’s not, I think Jennifer needs to make one–balloon twisting videos would be even more fun that videos of cats, and you know how I am about cat videos, especially if I know the actors involved. . . .

Thanks a bunch for coming by. If you’d like to participate in future discussions, join me on Facebook, where we’re always talking about interesting stuff–you know, thread and paint and how to get glue out of fabric and well, sure, cat videos (not too much, though, never fear!).


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3 Responses to More of The Coolest Thing Ever

  1. Lura says:

    loved the free wire e book, so generous of you. i love your site also, so much information. it makes me want to learn it all. hugs,lura

  2. Lura says:

    i am working on it learning to draw and paint presently. i have dabbled in many crafts in the past….quilting, tole painting, folk art painting, stained glass, crocheting, cross stitching. etc. so i am ready to try and be a sponge and soak up as much as i can. i loved the wire projects so much i just might try one of those. after i make 3 bears for my 3 year old granddaughters pockets in her dress…she is going as goldilocks. i also am involved as a volunteer of and am responsible for getting 100 donations for formal dinner/silent auction to hopefully be able to open an art center to help those with handicaps and illnesses to forget for awhile. remember art heals! i will let you know if i do one of the wire projects, i really do love them all and thank you so much. hugs,lura