New Year’s Resolutions for More Creativity, Part 2

On Friday we talked about resolutions that had to do with making more time to play, to get into the studio and make something just because we want to.  Today let’s think about more concrete resolutions, ones that have to do with weeding out or organizing or using stuff we might not have used yet. Virginia says she’s going to resolve to “use a broader range of art materials. Grow beyond my comfort paints.” I love that: “comfort paints.” I have “comfort fabrics” and “comfort fibers,” and I need to expand beyond those to use the things I have but don’t ever even touch. Which brings us to Ellen, who summed up a major concern for many of us when she said she plans to, “weed out the excess of collage materials — all wonderful, but choking up my art space.” If clearing out stuff you don’t use is on your list, you might want to do as Rise’ plans to do. She plan to “go through inventory and pull items to send to Pine Ridge Reservation.”  You can find out more about their drives on their website, here. It’s an excellent way to de-stash and find a great home for things you’re not using that someone else would love to have. Check to find what’s going on near where you live.


For some of us, it’s less about finding more time and more about getting our work out into the world. Kim says, “It’s not the actual creating but the getting my work out into the world that I am going to work on in 2013. Working on some licensing, maybe a book, and building an online store and website,” and Robin has a simple and elegant plan that sounds really easy to implement: “Blog my projects every Sunday.”

There are resolutions about the way we work, as Lorraine wrote, “Ask myself before I start…what would I do if I could do ANYTHING without having that feeling that it’s not ‘good enough’?” Jessica resolves “To think of my time differently. To be present and never catch myself ‘phoning it in’ regardless of the task–time is all we have.” Linda L. is thinking about time, too: “Push the limits, spend time in my studio even when I don’t have a purpose or plan and push back from the computer and desk and get on my feet and in my studio to get my 10,000 hours in…it shows!” And Briana adds, “When inspiration strikes, go with it instead of waiting for the right time to create.”

Sharon sums up what it’s like for many of us who have a lot of various things we love to do. She wrote that she plans to “try to be more focused. I tend to work on this, work on that, then back to that other thing. Which means it takes forever for me to actually finish something. LOL.” Sometimes this is something you want to get past, but sometimes it works really well; it’s up to you and your own method of working, and maybe that’s a good thing for all of us to think about: learn more about the ways creativity works for us and find ways to help that along.

And finally: if resolutions just really aren’t your thing, you might try what Darlene plans to do. She says, “Not good with resolutions so I saw this online and it fit me. Take an empty jar and every day put in a piece of paper with something I appreciate each day. The following New Year take ’em out and see the great year I had!”


And that, my little chickadees, sounds like an excellent plan for a year of joy and gratitude~~here’s wishing you all the happiest of years in 2013 with a jar full of wonderful memories!

For more motivation and support on your creative resolutions, check out Marisa Anne’s Creative Thursday.





Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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