Now That We’ve Got Some Bad Drawings

What shall we do with them? Oh, my–there are TONS of possibilities! Really!

I like to simplify mine and transfer them to fabric. Easy peasy: I go over the lines with a black Sharpie marker, and then I iron the fabric (tightly woven cotton) to the shiny side of freezer paper and cut it to size. I tape the drawing underneath the freezer paper-and-fabric and tape it to a sunny window or, in this case, to a storm door so the light comes through and shows the marker lines. I trace over those lines with a pencil to transfer the drawing to the fabric. Peel off the freezer paper, and voilà. So that’s one idea (we’ll talk more on Friday about what you can do with the fabric–I’ll show you what I’m working on).

You can also make your drawings into rubber stamps. You can find all kinds of rubber stamp carving tutorials online. Here’s one that I think is particularly helpful because it also shows you how to use Photoshop to turn a photo into a really great sketch.

Or you can make a stencil. Again, you can do a search for tutorials, like this one, for an easy way to do it, or this one, which is way more complicated but yields amazing stencils.

What else? Oh, my–you could take a really simple drawing and make it into a pattern for a book (cut old hardback books into shapes with a jigsaw) or cookies (check the hardware store for rolls of aluminum flashing to shape into cookie cutters–here’s a tutorial) or a rug (hook a rug on canvas cut in the shape of your drawing).

Use it in a collage, in your journal, as the base for a piece of beaded jewelry. Make magnets for your frig, make notecards, make a banner for your blog. Or just color it and tack it on your bulletin board for inspiration.

Are the ideas buzzing? We’d love to see! See you Friday~~


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2 Responses to Now That We’ve Got Some Bad Drawings

  1. katzenjammy says:

    Aaugh! You might warn a girl about that second stencil link. (Though I could think of some, um, creative uses for that particular stencil, no doubt.)

    • Rice Freeman-Zachery says:

      Sorry–I didn’t pay any attention to the subject; I was just entranced with the results!