One-Day Holiday Project

My friend Roz Stendahl has a marvelous New Year’s Day tradition that I love. She spends the day doing a little bit of everything she loves most. She’ll bind a journal, do a little beading, try to get in a bit of bike riding, make sure to have some ice cream. Since I’m not big on traditional celebrations of holidays, I really love this idea. In addition to trying to do what I love on New Year’s Day, I’ve started a tradition of making a project on other day-off-from-work holidays. Since we’re not big eaters and I don’t cook or bake or do the exchange-of-gifts thing, Christmas Day is a perfect time for me to tackle a One-Day Project. This year, I challenged myself to make a pair of wrist warmers from what I had on hand. I started with a stained waffle-weave cotton henley, took the sleeves

and ended up with these:

I admit: it took an extra day to get them embellished because I had several false starts in the construction phase. They were too big, and I had to cut off all the stitching and start over. No fun, and I almost gave up–but what I’ve learned is this: when I want to make sure I finish a project, I blog it when I start. Here’s the blog post I did that morning, and you can go here to see more photos of the finished project. For me, the fun part is using what I have, not making a pattern, and then letting the project unfold as it will. Well, as long as it doesn’t get *too* far off track. Hence the cutting and re-stitching.

I’ve got a couple days before New Year’s, so I’d better get busy. What am I going to make while everyone else is eating and watching football games? I have no idea. Yet.

Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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