Paper, Lovely Paper: Making Tiny Envelopes

For our last using-up-the-paper project, we’re going to make envelopes–teeny, tiny envelopes. Way too small to send through the mail on their own, they make excellent holders for gift cards and are the perfect size for most business cards. Plus–OK, I admit it–they’re just cute. See?

Freeman-Zachery tiny envelopes 1

Download the PDF here.

Freeman-Zachery tiny envelopes 2

I glued mine to cardstock because it was going to get a lot of use.

Freeman-Zachery tiny envelopes 3

Trace onto the wrong side of your paper. I decided to use the scrap left over from Friday’s library book pocket project because the whole point of these projects is to use up scraps of paper. Duh.

Freeman-Zachery tiny envelopes 4

Freeman-Zachery tiny envelopes 5

Cut out and score. Fold.Freeman-Zachery tiny envelopes 6

For this one, you’ll need to be more careful about where you put the adhesive–I marked it with a pencil (below). If you apply glue all over the bottom flap, it’s going to stick to the inside of the envelope.

Freeman-Zachery tiny envelopes 7

Press flat, and there it is.

Freeman-Zachery tiny envelopes 8

Think about making a bunch of these and enclosing your business card in one when you pack an order. Make some to hand out at a workshop or opening, making your card special and less likely to get dropped in a drawer. You could make little bundles of these or any of our other paper-scrap projects to give as swaps at a retreat.


Whatever you do, you’ll feel good knowing every last bit of that fabulous paper was used. Enjoy!

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