Paper, Lovely Paper: Making Page Corners

OK–so this week we’re using up those single sheets and scraps of fabulous paper that you just can’t bear to throw away. We’re going to start with a really simple but oh-so-satisfying project: page corners.

Freeman-Zachery page corner 1

The beauty of these is that they’re super-quick to make, you can make four of them from one sheet of paper, and they’re perfect bookmarks: they don’t mar the pages of books, they make it easy to find your place, and they’re excellent gifts: if you’re giving someone a book, you can make a dozen of these to go along with it.

Freeman-Zachery page corner 2

I have no idea where I got this pattern–I’ve had it for years, and it’s dingy and marked up and curled at the edges. I’m guessing someone gave me some page corners and I took one apart and made a pattern. If you think you’re going to be making a lot of these, make yourself a cardboard pattern–print out the pattern and glue it to cardstock or chipboard:

Freeman-Zachery page corner 3

Download the PDF page corner pattern–full-sized, ready to go.

You’ll also need:

–paper (at least 1/4 of a sheet)


–ruler or straight-edge

–bone folder (or the dull side of a table knife)


–glue stick

Here’s a regular-sized sheet of paper–you can get four page corners from this.

Freeman-Zachery page corner 4

Flip it over to the back side:

Freeman-Zachery page corner 5

Cut out your pattern and trace it onto the back of the paper:

Freeman-Zachery page corner 6 Freeman-Zachery page corner 7

Score where the dotted lines were:

Freeman-Zachery page corner 8 Freeman-Zachery page corner 9

Cut it out and fold it on the scored lines:

Freeman-Zachery page corner 10 Freeman-Zachery page corner 11

Use the glue stick to cover the little tab–not too much or it will squish over the edges and make the corner stick to itself, but enough: you want it nicely sealed and flat, with no curling-up edges:

Freeman-Zachery page corner 12

Press flat, let dry, and there you have it:

Freeman-Zachery page corner 13

If you have trouble with the corner sticking to itself when it dries, try inserting a little corner of waxed paper in there until it’s dry.

Freeman-Zachery page corner 14

On Friday we’ll do another book-themed paper-salvaging project: library pockets, which are perfect for using in your art journal to hold all kinds of bits and pieces.


Origami World_160If you find yourself getting into paper folding, check out Origami World, by Didier Boursin.




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