Podcast with Diana Trout About Stewie & Fabriano, Italy–Oh, My!

Diana Trout, author of Journal Spilling, is getting ready to take a group of lucky students to Italy where they will, among other things, make paper. And guess where this will happen! In Fabriano, at the medieval paper mill that is the original home of Fabriano paper. Is that just the coolest thing ever or what? Diana says they’re going to be using the ancient paper-making tools under the guidance of the director there. Oh, my. That sounds like it would be worth the trip right there, but of course there’s more. And also in this podcast Diana talks about her newest passion: her ongoing blog posts about Taming Your Inner Critic. She’s been working with hers (his name is Stewie), and she wants to help you work with yours, too. No signing up, no charge, no commitment–just go to her blog at dianatrout.typepad.com and follow along.

Click on the photo below to listen to the podcast.

Diana Trout


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