Podcast with Kelly Buntin Johnson

Everything about Kelly Buntin Johnson is creative, from her fabulous work to her hand-built house and studio to her vintage wardrobe and custom haircut. In addition to creating her intricately detailed beadwork and Intercessor figures, she grows and forages in the woods for all her food and has taught herself both gardening and canning in the process. She’s one of those people who give me hope that you can keep the common, pop-culture world at bay and craft a creative life that works for you and yours.

Click on the photo to listen to the podcast

For a lot more photos of Kelly and her house and studio, go here.

Read her blog (art, gardening, and more) here. Her website is here. Her husband Rhett’s website is here–he’s a really nice guy and a really talented artist, as well.

For other podcasts, go here.


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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