Podcast with Maggie Rudy

Maggie Rudy makes mice. She didn’t start out making mice–she has a degree in art and showed her landscapes and still life pastels in a gallery for years before she took up with the inhabits of Mouseland. I am so glad she made the move into this miniature world because I had more fun talking to Maggie–she is just a total delight. She’s funny, and she’s interesting–I learned stuff!–and she’s just the tiniest bit obsessed (in the very best way) with the world she’s created in her studio. And I want to go there in the worst way. To her studio, sure–but also to Mouseland, which is the kind of place where I spent endless hours when I was a kid, trying to re-create the world of The Borrowers on my bedroom floor, building houses out of matchboxes and making tiny beds out of the cotton from the tops of vitamin bottles. Coke bottle caps, hair pins, empty wooden spools–treasures! Scoring one of those would set off a whole new round of house building: what would a hairpin be to someone who was only two inches tall? Part of a fence? A weapon? A pair of stilts if I cut it in half?

Anyway. So I’ve never really outgrown this fascination, and when I read Maggie’s article in the current issue of Art Doll Quarterly, I lickety-split sent her a note and asked her to do a podcast with me. Podcasts are a crapshoot: I never know if the person will be shy or reserved and maybe not really forthcoming, and I often just have to wing it. Maggie, though? She was fabulous–click on the photo below (the cover of her first book, which you can find here) to listen to us talk. You might want to go here, to Maggie’s blog, to look at the photos while you’re listening to get a better idea of what we’re talking about.


"The House that Mouse Built"--Maggie's first book


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