Podcast with Melanie Testa: Wardrobe Geekiness

Not that either of us is a geek, of course. Oh, goodness, no.


But when two people who are just the tiniest bit obsessed with altering everything in their closets–when they get together to talk clothing embellishment, well. Melly’s going to be doing some really cool stuff. She’s got a brand-new book, and she’s going to start a sew-along on her brand-new blog (and don’t forget to check out her brand-new website while you’re at it) next week for the month of April, and then in the middle of April she’s going to start doing a monthly column right here (so there’s no link yet; check on the home page on April 17th)–it will be about surface design on clothing. So, yeah: I couldn’t wait to talk to her about our shared passion.

Click on the photo to listen to our latest podcast~~

teaser for Melanie's latest project

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One Response to Podcast with Melanie Testa: Wardrobe Geekiness

  1. raharris says:

    Hi, I like this blog because I like to combine pastels and watercolor and have done quilting and embroidery. I heard about it from an interview at another great blog: http://melanietesta.com/blog/. Rachel http://www.PaintingforSuccess.com