Remembering Mail Art Part 3: Coffee Club Diary

The last project for The Coffee Club was Coffee Club Diary, a book I started and sent out in 1996. Someone else made a case for the book, and although the project was never formally finished and the book never neatly bound, it was a lot of fun. I don’t remember why we ran out of steam; it seems we had a lot more we planned to do with this project, but the accompanying correspondence has been lost.

Freeman-Zachery Diary 1


There was a paper doll included: Nadine, The Caffeine Queen. She was stamped and enlarged and copied onto pieces of card stock so that everyone would have their own Nadine. The accompanying letter I wrote asked people to keep their own Nadine but to design and include an outfit for her in the round robin box. I didn’t find any costumes and can’t remember what happened to them, alas. I would love to see those.

Here’s the book and its case:

Freeman-Zachery Diary 2


and the forever un-bound pages:



Freeman-Zachery Diary 0


Freeman-Zachery Diary 3 Freeman-Zachery Diary 4 Freeman-Zachery Diary 5 Freeman-Zachery Diary 6 Freeman-Zachery Diary 7 Freeman-Zachery Diary 8 Freeman-Zachery Diary 9 Freeman-Zachery Diary 10Freeman-Zachery Diary 11 Freeman-Zachery Diary 11 Freeman-Zachery Diary 12 Freeman-Zachery Diary 13 Freeman-Zachery Diary 14 Freeman-Zachery Diary 15 Freeman-Zachery Diary 15 Freeman-Zachery Diary 16 Freeman-Zachery Diary 17 Freeman-Zachery diary


Isn’t it fun to imagine what it might be like if we’d finished it? Yes, it is.

I miss the days of mail art, but I know that I would have been one of those participants who got busy and held onto things longer than I should, something that would have driven me nuts. So, like so much else, it was a really fun thing whose time has passed, and I’m glad I found the projects so I could photograph the pages and share them here. Thanks for looking!

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