Studio Renew Update

Did I say last time that this isn’t my first rodeo? Yes, I did, and it’s a good thing. A really good thing: if it had been my first foray into the Home Improvement Project Adventure, I would be pulling out my hair by now. The project was supposed to be completed by last Friday, and of course it was not. They were supposed to return at 9 am Monday morning to finish painting, and–of course–they did not. At 1 pm Monday I was still waiting, and the room looked like this:

Nice, but not finished. And when it’s not finished, you can’t put anything back *in* the room–no furniture, no tools, no task lights. You just have to walk through it and dream about what it’s going to be like when, eventually, it does get finished.

Right now it’s got more paint and the window trim, but I’m typing this at 9:20 pm on Tuesday, and he’s still in there painting. There’s no way he’s going to finish tonight, not to mention cleaning the floor (we’ve cleaned it almost every night, to no avail), and I can’t get in there to take a current photo. Don’t get me wrong: I love my contractor. He’s neat, he’s kind, he’s quiet and efficient and does really nice work. Like I said: these things always take longer than anyone expects. That’s just the nature of remodeling. With luck, tomorrow may be the day.

Or maybe Thursday. Whatever: it will be fabulous!


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2 Responses to Studio Renew Update

  1. thecreativebeast says:

    I love that yellow wall bumped against the checkerboard floor!! So dramatic =-)!

    • Rice Freeman-Zachery says:

      Thank you! I’m sitting here with my fingers crossed hoping they finish edging up today–it’s almostalmostalmost done, and I can’t wait~~