Summer Reading Give-Away: Art Journal Freedom

I thought it would be fun to celebrate summer with some book give-aways, beginning today and continuing every Monday for six weeks (or maybe longer if I come up with more books). Because of scheduling, I’m going to do the actual contest each week on my own blog, Notes from the Voodoo Cafe, but there’s a reason you’ll want to come here first: you can enter your name once each week over at The Voodoo Cafe, AND you can enter it once on the blog post here. I read all the comments, and comments about the video (there’s a Book Notes video for each book, and there’ll be a link to that) or about the description (there’ll be a link to the shop where you can read more about each book) will be A Good Thing. Alas, there are a few rules, and here they are:

~~you can enter here and on my blog, for a total of two entries each week

~~you must have a US mailing address–I’m shipping these myself and will mail only in the US. Sorry about that.

~~you have to check back at The Voodoo Cafe on the following Monday to see if you won.

~~if you win, you must contact me, via email, as soon as possible. If I don’t hear from you, the book will go to someone else.


Sorry for the rules, but I’ve done a ton of giveaways over the years and have learned a lot in the process.


OK–that’s the rule part. Now for the fun part:

Our first Summer Reading Give-Away is Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively with Color and Composition, by Dina Wakley.

Art Journal Freedom 160

You can find out more about it in the shop, and you can watch the Book Notes video here. Go to my blog, Notes from the Voodoo Cafe, to leave a comment to enter. You can enter again by leaving a comment at the end of this post (to double your chances of winning), but you *must* comment at The Voodoo Cafe to enter (it’s a complicated scheduling thang), and that’s where the winner will be announced next Monday.


Good luck!


Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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15 Responses to Summer Reading Give-Away: Art Journal Freedom

  1. mgm5455 says:

    The book looks like it is filled with lots of step by step pictures and that is good! I need ideas on how to complete a page….lots of backgrounds but I just can’t seem to go further. I hope the book has lots of inspiration.

  2. mgm5455 says:

    I watched the video, much nicer than the previews “look inside” that the book seller sites have. More like having tea and browsing. My many journals with empty backgrounds show that I need help. I will cross my fingers and hope to win!

  3. Susan Johnson says:

    I watched the video and you are such a tease. I have already entered at the Voodoo Cafe so I am very serious about wanting to participate in your wonderful give away. I am begining to spread my srtistic wings, which is hard enough without having to watch my husband – Perfect for me Pat – roll his eyes because I bought another art book.

  4. Jeannie says:

    I love the layering techniques that Dina uses to make such complex looking pages. So many new to me techniques and prompts to give me the kick in the rear to start that I desperately need. Thanks Rice!

  5. cal8007 says:

    I just found your site while looking for mixed media art and journaling. I would love to have this book, maybe it will keep me from standing in front of my journal and just staring for hours. I need inspiration; a little direction and lots and lots of direction.

    Thanks for the chance!

    Carmen L

  6. nayamcd says:

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on her book. She lives near me locally but I have yet to be able to get to her workshop when she is at the local art shop teaching. Maybe one day!

  7. Darlene says:

    I just started journaling and have a lot to learn – this book will definitely help! I find that I have the ideas but need the “how-to” to get going. Right now it’s just dive-in and see what happens LOL. I do look at you-tube videos which are helpful, but some written, cohesive instruction will be very beneficial and much appreciated. Also something about just having a book in your hands in front of you vs a video – for me!

  8. KariM says:

    I would love to have a chance to win the book. I enjoy Dina’s style and techniques. One can never have enought techniques!

  9. KariM says:

    Thank you for the chance ato win this book. I like Dina’s style and techniques. One can never have too many techniques!

  10. KariM says:

    I would love the chance to win this book. I enjoy Dina’s style and techniques. One can never have enough techniques.

  11. revie_d says:

    Looks like a wonderful resource. Anxious to check back in and see if I won.

  12. renee1141 says:

    Hi, I read a great review of this book and it is on my current wish list. I would love a chance to win it, thanks for the opportunity. Renee

  13. Gingerscraps says:

    This is a pretty cool book! I love it! Whether I win or not it will become a part of my library!

  14. lstardust says:

    This book looks like loads of fun and inspiration.

  15. luciehale says:

    Woohoo–I love Dina Wakely! I sure hope I win this book. It look super inspiring!!!