Sunday Project, Part 2

Yeah, I know: it kind of went past Sunday. I finished it on Monday, though, with rather a lot of handwork, so I think that’s still pretty good. I didn’t buy a single thing for it, so I think I should get bonus points, don’t you?

OK, so here’s how we left it last time, looking like this:

I added the rest of the magnetic closure to the flap, and then I started thinking of how I wanted it to look when I was finished. I’ll be using this a lot, as I mentioned: if the phone isn’t on one of the docks, it’s in the case, so the case needs to be both sturdy and something I like a lot.

That excess over on the right side–I thought it would make great fringe, never mind that I’m not generally a fan of fringe.





string of beads from somewhere, leather scrap, tin heart from string of hearts

After I got the closure in place and reinforced with a piece of leather, I needed to hide that on the front of the flap. I was thinking about this, wandering around the house, and I remembered these strings of tin hearts that used to hang in the doorway of the studio before we painted. Then I dug around in the bead cabinet and found a string of beads that goes with the cowboy print. I think they’re coral chips, but I could be way, way wrong. I don’t know where they came from–a gift? A show? Who knows?


The little metal punch fascinates Clarice

I used my metal punch thing to make holes in the heart for sewing it to the leather. As usual, I had a lot of help:


















I reinforced the flap with a scrap of suede–this is the wrong side; the right side was a bright red, and this side was much better.














I cut the fringe and sewed more of the beads to the ends. (I test drove this last night at the grocery store and found myself carrying the case in my hand, playing with the beaded fringe. It’s very like worry beads and feels quite fabulous).

And here’s the finished case:







I’m really, really pleased with this project and can’t wait to make another one. You know: a spare.

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