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It would be so cool to have enough disposable income (snort: what a concept, right?) to be able to fill our house with fabulous art. Over the years of interviewing and meeting artists, I have seen some work that I would love to have here where I could see it every day. Alas, much of that work is way, way out of reach.

While I’d love to have original work from every artist I love, sometimes that’s just not going to happen. I do have some wonderful pieces I’ve received as gifts or trades, like this piece by Jesse Reno

Jesse Reno (the rainbow is not part of the painting; it's the reflection from a prism)

and this one by Deb Dugan.

watercolor by Deb Dugan

Mostly, though, what I have are prints, and I’ve realized that prints are truly wonderful in their own right.

Clockwise from top left:

4 watercolors by Lucas Albergaria, photograph of turtles by Briley Mitchell, 4 prints by New Orleans artist Jon Guillaume, Theo Ellsworth, Aimee Dolich, Kelly Moore (it’s actually a postcard/business card), and 2 by Danita.

Not only are prints affordable, but they’re often available in several sizes, so you can choose a size that works for the amount of space you have, something I’m really coming to appreciate as my walls begin to get crowded. You can see I’m going to have to get creative–either than or build another wall.

I heartily recommend buying art from artists whose work you love. It helps support them, true, but even more important, it nurtures your soul to surround yourself with art. If you can’t buy originals, buy prints, and then when you can someday afford it, go back and make a larger purchase.

My collection probably isn’t going to sell at auction after my death for millions of dollars (although you never know!), but it makes me happy every day here in my studio. And for me, that is what art is all about.


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2 Responses to Support Your Favorite Artists

  1. debdugan says:

    You hung it on the wall! I’m honored! [It looks really nice there too ;-D ]

  2. Rice Freeman-Zachery says:

    Of course I put it on the wall! I can reach over and touch it from here–XO