The Fondest of Farewells to Artfest

The final Artfest came to a close last week, and although we weren’t there, we were there in spirit. Our last Artfest was in 2010, when we covered the retreat for Destination Creativity. You can see a video peek at the book here; Artfest is on pages 46-65. And here’s the first of a bunch of videos I posted back then of Jesse Reno‘s painting workshop, which we covered for the book (pages 53-61).

Since we didn’t get to attend the last Artfest, and since its coming to an end is going to leave such a big hole in the world of art retreats, I wanted a vicarious experience of this final adventure. I may have to revisit this later, though, when more people have had a chance to post–right now they’re all catching up on sleep, I think. Or still out on the road, maybe hanging out in Seattle with fellow Artfesters, reliving the fun. Yikes! I’m bumming myself out, wishing I were there, too. So here are some of the posts I’ve found so far, happy posts that share people’s excitement about the adventure~~

Here’s a short post with photos from the opening night by my friend Lisa Myers Bulmash, whose photo you can see on 50 of the book. Hi, Lisa! We missed getting to see you~~

Here’s one by Danielle Daniel, who came from Canada.

And several by Janne Robberstad–all the way from Norway.

And Carlanda Brown Williamson, who posted updates and photos on Facebook throughout the weekend.

Michelle Allen, who’s posting some fabulous photos large enough so you can see all the details.

Lynn Colwell shares some of her favorite moments. And Emily Cline shares some of hers. Here’s a cool post from Dina Wakley and one from Chris Miser.

I got such a fabulous response to my request for Artfest memories that there’ll be two more installments–one on Wednesday and one on Friday, so be sure to check back then~~

Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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4 Responses to The Fondest of Farewells to Artfest

  1. Parabolic Muse says:

    As a member of the Artfest Yahoo group, I have to encourage all to following the links in your post, Rice. No matter how many pictures I’ve seen from Yahoo group members, there are more and new things to see. A great tribute to Artfest, and a great testament to how much enrichment different people have gotten from it.

    Thanks for your hard work, Rice, in always documenting the Art and DIY communities SO well!


    • Rice Freeman-Zachery says:

      Thanks for sharing your memories of Artfest, Chris. Fabulous, fabulous, indeed.

  2. emgoh says:

    Artfest 2012 was my first art retreat which is kinda crazy given that I I live just south of Artfest in Seattle! Why didn’t I do this before?! Wow–what an amazing experience! Side by side with the most generous and creative folks amidst a lush location near the beach with deer strolling all over the place. I made new friends, I leaned new things, and I feel like I’m getting my creative mojo back. I’m still processing the experience and it’s hard to find the right words to truly express how wonderful Artfest was for me. I’ve posted some thoughts and pix at my blog and Flickr.

    • Rice Freeman-Zachery says:

      Loved seeing your Flickr photos–I love how the deer just make themselves at home wherever they are. Well, of course, they *are* at home. Glad you had such a good time–it was fun to see Jesse’s class, too~~