Weekend Challenge

Nah, it’s not one of those challenges where you’ll get a prize or anything. Although you could give yourself one, if you decide to do it. The challenge is to hunt around your house or apartment this weekend and find something you can do something with. Or, if you’re feeling persnickety, “something with which you can do something.”

I’ve been going through fabric and thrifted clothes and seeing what I can make from them without having to buy anything new. It’s a challenge, because I have a lot of, ummm, let’s say, “stuff.” “Odds and ends.” Lots of it is stuff I bought on clearance or that I thrifted, and so it’s kind of odd and maybe doesn’t really lend itself to working with anything else I’ve got on hand. But what I’m discovering as I take things apart and make other things with the parts is that while it feels good to recycle stuff and it’s fun to make do with what I have here, the even bigger bonus is the one we’ve all heard about but maybe haven’t thought about much: sometimes working with constraints, being limited by guidelines or by the materials at hand, can be really freeing and inspiring. I know that the things I’m working on aren’t things I ever would have thought of if I’d gone out and bought a pattern and some new fabric. I would have gone in an entirely different direction. But because I’m working with what I’ve got here, I’m thinking, “Hmm. I wonder what would happen if. . . ?” And, as you know, that’s always an excellent question and one that inevitably leads to creative adventures: I wonder what would happen if. . . ?

So that’s your challenge. Dig through closets or drawers or that shelf up in the studio closet where you put stuff you’re not quite sure about–why, exactly, did you buy 24 manual egg-beaters? Whatever you find, I hope you have as much fun experimenting with it as I’m having with my bits and pieces of discarded clothes and cast-off fabric. See? This was a greyish jacket from Goodwill. Dyed, with the collar and sleeves removed–well.The possibilities are amazing~~


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