What Is An Art Journal? With Zom Osborne

I love this! Zom has created a video that’s just perfect for anyone wondering what, exactly, an art journal is. Or what one can be. If you’re stuck, wondering what you can do in a journal, or if–like me–you just love seeing someone else’s pages, you’re going to love this peek into Zom’s journal.

I asked Zom about her journaling practice, and here’s what she had to say:

How long have you kept a journal? 

Four years. Before that I journaled for many years, and as an artist have always kept a sketchbook – but I found out they are both very different from art journaling.

Has it always been an art journal, or did it start out as something else?

One day I decided to make a kind of scrap book. I wasn’t thinking the words ‘scrap book’ but of having a place to put images that attracted me. I began to glue down mainly newspaper images that I liked and add some writing. It didn’t look like much but felt so different than writing a journal or working in my sketchbook. It was nourishing in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. I remember being very excited but not really sure why.

Do you also keep a sketchbook or other work book?

I think all artists keep sketchbooks. I always have. But I use it mainly for preparation sketches and compositional ideas; it isn’t personal like an art journal.

How often do you write/draw/work in your journal?

Pretty regularly. I always have a few going at the same time. Right now I have three art journals, and I do something in one of them most days.

We’ll do another post, I hope next week–Zom teaches art journaling and has lots of ideas and information I’d like to share with y’all, but sometimes it’s tough to coordinate things because of the time difference. I think of something and send her a quick note, and it’s the middle of the night there and vice versa. Stay tuned, though–we’ll do more really soon!

Zom is a painter, journal keeper, garment alterer, teacher and all-round amazingly creative soul (my words, not hers) who lives in the Australian rain forest. Visit her blog here and her website here. She is teaching at Connie Hozvicka’s 21 Secrets Workshop, and you can sign up here.


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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  1. Zom says:

    In spite of the time difference, we did okay I think.