What You’ll Find Here

Today I want to tell you a little about what you can find here at CreateMixedMedia. The short answer: a little bit of everything. The more-helpful answer? Well, if you look up there at the nav bar, you’ll see tabs for Look, Make, Meet, Shop, and Contact.

Look is where you’ll go to find eye candy: photos, behind-the-scenes videos, virtual tours of artists’ studios, downloadable wallpapers . . . . Like all the tabs, this one will get new content all the time, whenever we find something we can’t wait to show you. And if you have something you want to show us? Hey—we’d love to see it! (You can find out how to contact us by clicking on that last tab up there.)

Make: here’s where you’ll find the juicy stuff—ideas, information, links. You can go here to check out what’s new in your favorite medium or to find out more about something you want to try but know nothing about. You’ll find Journaling, Assemblage, Collage, Jewelry, Encaustic, Book Arts, Stitching and Mosaics. You’ll find links here, as well. If you go to, say, “Journaling,” and find out it’s something you might like to try, you can click over to find a tutorial and workshops, plus links so you can buy journals and related supplies and books that will help you get started. This is where you’ll find instructions, from tutorials to workshops to PDF’s and E-books to how-to videos to printable projects—again, new things will be added as we discover them. Some will be for purchase, like on-line workshops, and some are totally free.

Meet–this is where find podcasts, interviews, the editors’ profiles . . . . When there’s someone you want to get to know a little better, this is where you can find out more about them. And if there’s someone you want to know better but whom you don’t find here? Send us a note and let us know—we’re always excited to meet someone new!

The Shop is where you can order books—not just North Light titles, but other titles we think you’ll want to read—and supplies and materials. You can also order Stampington publications, from Somerset Studio to Belle Armoire Jewelry. If you’ve got suggestions for something you’d like to see in the Shop, let us know. We’re reaching out to more partners to make it easy for you to gather the supplies you need without having to search all over the web or make a trip to the store.

Click on Contact, and you can find out how to reach us. You can send us a message here, and you can also find any changes to any of North Light’s titles—so if there’s an addition or note to a page in a book, this is where you can find it.

As we go along, there will be more. Lots more. You’ll notice that, here at the beginning, some of the pages have a bunch of content, and some don’t have as much yet. We’re working as fast as we can to get everything up because, well, frankly, there’s a lot of it. So check back regularly. We’ve got all sorts of plans and surprises in the works.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and spend a little time getting to know us. And always, please, feel free to send us a note. We love mail, even if it never comes in an envelope any more~~

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2 Responses to What You’ll Find Here

  1. tejae says:

    What a beautiful community! I’m loving all the information and communication. Wow!! You’ve all outdone yourselves. So rich and full of information. Really gets the inspiration and creative juices flowing!!

  2. Isabella says:

    So very excited to find you and love LOVE what you are doing here. Coffee is poured and I am settling in for some great reading!