Top 5 Halloween iPhoneography Apps!

A Perfectly Scary Fivesome!!!

A guest post by David Hayes

Fall truly is my favorite time of year! Not only do I prefer the cooler weather that comes with October, my three favorite holidays begin this month…first Halloween…followed by Thanksgiving…. and my all time – Christmas!

For my October column I put together a five-some of apps that you could use to create some ridiculously campy scary images. I hope you’re not afraid of spiders…


Let’s start off with my source image. I put this “dead-life” together using various props I had in my studio and photographed it using the native camera app on my iphone5. As you can see…I do like spiders!


If you’re going to create Halloween images, you have to use the app Horror Cam. This particularly campy/period piece app is chock full of all sorts of scary filters and effects. It’s so much fun to play with! For this image I used the “Scythe Dead” filter and the “Death Album” frame. Just the right touches don’t you think?


This isn’t an app that most would consider for Halloween, but in this image I used Laminar Pro. I believe I’ve spoken about this app before and all the possibilities inherent in it…and this is one of them! I started off with its “Retro” filter, followed by “Memory”, and “Frame”…in this order. Scary!


Glaze is one of those apps that it’s easy to get a little heavy-handed when using it…that makes it perfect for Halloween. While you can stack effects within Glaze, I chose to stick with just one…”Eye #4”. (They don’t name their filters…so I’ve given them my own names. I think you’ll recognize this one when you see it!)


One of my all-time favorite apps is Photo Studio HD. Lots and lots of “scary” filters come with this app…and I used four of my favorites. First “Posterize”, then “Rusted Metal 2”, followed by “Vignette 4”, and finished with “Anciet Canvas”. Love those fiery spiders!

The last app in my five-pack is Pic Fx. This app isn’t the easiest to navigate through but its filters make it all the worthwhile. For my last image I used its “Red District” filter, followed by “Grit Texture”, then “Book” and lastly “Warm”. Always be careful when opening an old book…one never knows what one will find!!

So there you have it…five great apps for Halloween. I’m sure you have your own set…please share! And…have a Happy Halloween!! BOO!!!!


David Hayes is a photographer, mixed-media artist, painter and explorer of life. Visit his blog at

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One Response to Top 5 Halloween iPhoneography Apps!

  1. Seth says:

    Pretty cool to see what the different apps (and the Hayes’ imagination) can do to the same image.