Trendabilities: Heart Crush

A Mixed-Media Trend Report by Rebecca E. Parsons

Valentine’s Day was just one week ago, today…a beloved holiday for many mixed-media artists and aficionados. We quite simply have a love affair with hearts.

Hearts, grand or small, have been a recurring theme in many artists’ work for centuries. Who can resist those Valentine cards from long ago with the pink frills and red hearts? I find myself smiling when I run across those old Valentine cards and many find their way into my collages and mixed-media pieces.


Who Has Not Been Inspired By a Heart?           

With just under 84,000,000 images available when I searched “hearts mixed media art,” I believe I have found a pretty big trend. The art displayed on the first few pages reveals a vast online gallery of paper hearts, clay hearts, hearts on dolls, painted hearts, broken hearts and so much more.

Inspiration abounds and surrounds hearts in art. Artist Steven Ray Miller says, “I put hearts in my paintings to bring the viewer in for a closer look. Hearts help us to share the feelings of love and hope that connect us all.”

I was fascinated as I scrolled through the images. I was drawn to so many that I began a Pinterest Board for them. I was drawn to the tiny cut-out hearts in book pages that were glued on a string by Kathreen Ricketson. The brown, cream, and blue hearts colored acrylic painting on canvas by Alison Quine touched my heart—pun intended. The Royal Heart from artist Tejae Floyd took my breath away.

After several minutes browsing these pages, I understood that a heart does indeed capture interest. They invite you into the art where, hopefully, you will remain for a while with the piece.


New Trend, Old Trend

In case you think hearts are a current trend, think again. Hearts have been used for millennia in art. Check out the heart amulets in Egyptian art—one of the most often depicted images. The heart amulet was a prized possession ca. 1390-1353 B.C.E.

From my observation, hearts are a trend that never seems to fade throughout art history. The symbolism and messages conveyed by a heart is a powerful tool for the artist. A solitary heart can be compelling and commanding.

I challenge you to create a piece with heart today or tomorrow or the next time you are in your studio. Keep in mind that a heart can be used as a symbol of something else or it can be just a feeling that a mixed-media piece invokes. You do not need to draw the rounded form to bring heart to your work . . . but it will certainly be on trend. ”


Rebecca E. Parsons is the creative force behind Cre8tive Compass Magazine, Cre8Tiva’s Blog and Artistically Speaking Talk Show. In her spare time, Rebecca is a digital and photographic mixed-media R-tiste, Retreat Leader, Dreamer, Possibility Coach, Lifelong Communicator & Blissful Wordsmith—just one inspired creative soul on a journey to Cre8Topia. Unconventional and delightfully curious, she is passionate about helping others embrace the artist within and create a life around their passion.


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