Trendabilities: The (r)Evolution of Mixed-Media Artists

A Mixed-Media Trend Report by Rebecca E. Parsons

Mixed-media art embraces a broad spectrum of styles, genres and skills. A few years ago almost everywhere you looked there was another bird or bent-necked girl jumping off the pages of Etsy and flowing through the posts of artful bloggers. Yet, as most trends do, the art and the artists have become more sophisticated, skilled and original through time.

I am blessed to speak to these artists every week on my radio show. I get to dig into their creative minds and hear them speak about their work and how it has evolved as they have evolved. And this is where I find mixed-media art today: evolving and growing.

As I look at the art of these artists and listen to their stories, I am often reminded that those who are most successful follow their hearts as they continually grow their skill sets and their art. It seems the more they create, the more they want to explore and step out of the art that made them famous or known.

That is a trend I see in mixed media today. Many artists who may have started out closely aligned with art that was popular five or six years ago have completely changed the look of their work and evolved into very fine artists. They have been through their personal (r)Evolutionary times and are happily creating and selling the art of their soul.

They are experimenting more with new concepts that bring brilliant and stimulating nuances to their work. They are moving away from the cookie-cutter look and creating a style with the novelty and freshness of original art. They have found their voice as an artist and are not about to let it go.


Staying True to Your Voice

The mixed media artist who painted hundreds of journal pages with wild abandon before noticing that drawing faces made her blissful. The potter who added beads to a teapot and realized that twisted wire jewelry made his pulse quicken. The quilter who discovered that painting fabric was what made her heart sing. These are all examples of finding your voice as an artist.

Artists may adjust, adapt or even abandon the art they made on the way to finding their true voice. But once they find it, and embrace it, they bloom as an artist who recognizes they are doing what they were meant to do—a most beautiful place to be as an artist.

As we begin to explore the hottest trends and products available to today’s artists in this column, ask yourself if you are a trendsetter or a trend follower. Are you ready for a (r)Evolution?


Rebecca E. Parsons is the creative force behind Cre8tive Compass Magazine, Cre8Tiva’s Blog and Artistically Speaking Talk Show. In her spare time, Rebecca is a digital and photographic mixed-media R-tiste, Retreat Leader, Dreamer, Possibility Coach, Lifelong Communicator & Blissful Wordsmith—just one inspired creative soul on a journey to Cre8Topia. Unconventional and delightfully curious, she is passionate about helping others embrace the artist within and create a life around their passion.


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