Valentine’s Blog Challenge

Create Valentine Art Projects Using What You Love

A guest post by Victoria Rose Martin

With February 14th fast approaching and a slue of greeting card and jewelry ads echoing around us, it’s easy to remember that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Love is in the air. With everyone’s mind full of thoughts of heart felt affection let me ask you, at this very moment in time who or what do you love?

Four Hearts 1969 by Jim Dine born 1935

Four Hearts by artist Jim Dine, 1969.

No matter how you answered that question, no matter your medium of choice, no matter your skill level; this month I challenge you to create a Love inspired piece of art based on what you love and then post it on your blog or social media. Remember to use big beautiful images that leave your audience drooling. When I think of hearts I personally can’t help thinking of artist Jim Dine. If you’re not up to creating a piece yourself you could discuss the art of an artist you adore. When you discuss other artists and their work you set yourself up as an authority on the subject.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.11.40 AM

Screenshot of a Pinterest page with the word heart used as keyword

Or you could create a Pinterest page with all things dealing with matters of the heart and share that on social media and garner a few new fans in the process. After all, who doesn’t love a pretty picture?


Love is Love, ceramic sculpture by Victoria Rose Martin, 2013.


Here’s another question: If I were to visit your blog would I get the impression that you love being an artist? Do you openly share thoughts and talk to your audience like old friends over a cup of coffee, or does it feel more like work? When you are blogging about your art pretend you’re talking to a close friend. Speak honestly and candidly and people will see the beauty in your words. Remember your blog is your virtual home where you welcome people who discover you and your art on the Internet.  If it feels like work then you might be doing it wrong.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.21.08 AM

If you need a little creative spark perhaps you might want to preview the book Creative Thursday by Marisa Anne. Creative Thursday shows you how your art can grow into a successful & identifiable look and brand and can help you get “unstuck” when the creative juice fail to flow.

If you accept the challenge to create a love inspired piece I ask you please share your passion with us. Remember, when you reveal images and thought processes on blogs and social media you’ll be sharing it with people who admire you the most.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.27.40 AM

Screenshot of a love inspired twin set on Etsy at Twinzzshop. It was too cute not to post.

When you begin making your piece for the challenge I want you to start with a concept. You may find it easier to begin if you answer the following questions:

1.     What does love mean to you?

2.     Is it a color, a feeling, symbol, or a word?

3.     Give yourself a deadline to make the piece with your material of choice. Post those images and keep in mind that like any exercise the more you do it the easier it gets.

Get busy! Make something and then show somebody. And be proud of what you make. And if you like share it with us, I’d love to see your creations.


Victoria Rose Martin is an artist and designer currently living in South Florida. She is the Department Chair for Fine Art and Graphic Design at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, Florida. You can visit her website at:



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