We Goofed, Too

When an author writes a book and a publisher publishes it, the intent is always that we’ve made all the right decisions, caught all the typos, and have created the best, most authentic, most inspiring book that we possibly could make.

As a publisher who has built much of its business on publishing art books, we would hope we would never make a book that doesn’t credit the artists whose work graces its pages. But more than a publishing company, we’re a few individuals who are all too human, who try to do what is right and make mistakes more often than we like. And not crediting the artists of the swap materials we received from author Ricë Freeman-Zachery for Destination Creativity was a mistake we made.

No one wants excuses, and I don’t think offering one will further any cause. But I will say that we goofed. In creating an authentic “journaled” look for the design of the book, I’m afraid we grouped all of the lanyards, postcards, candy and trades together in one category, and we failed to put the pieces that should have been considered art into a separate category. We should have been more sensitive to many of these pieces, and for that we apologize.

We do want to give the artists who created these pieces the recognition they deserve. We will include the credits in all future printings of the book, and in the meantime, we will create an addendum to the book that we will post here on CreateMixedMedia and at ShopMixedMedia.

To all the artists whose work was not properly credited, I do apologize. And thank you to Penny Arrowood for bringing this lapse in judgment to our attention. Too often we get caught in our own bubbles, with our heads down, meeting deadlines, and sending books to the printer. Penny gave our bubbles a good poke, made us take a critical look back at the decisions we made while producing this book, and has influenced the decisions we will make in the future.

Author Ricë Freeman-Zachery offers her apology here.

Christine Doyle
Editorial Director



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