Your Blog, Your Way: Post 11

Tips on blogging by Seth Apter

“I am convinced that without my blog I would not be the artist I am today.” These words were in my first post and are just as true as I write this, my final post of the Your Blog, Your Way series. Blogging has become a part of my daily life as an artist and I am guessing that it just may be a daily part of yours as well. But while blogging is very satisfying on many levels, I have learned that it takes time, effort, persistence, patience, and creativity to create and maintain a successful blog. And that is where YBYW comes in.

This series was created to explore ways in which you, the artist, can create or recreate a blog that stays true to your authentic voice while at the same time maintains a loyal, returning readership. The concept of the 10 Cs of blogging was introduced to help you to navigate the challenging world of the blog. To date, we have covered the following 9 Cs:

  • Consistency: Maintain a central focus so your readers will know what a visit to your blog will bring. Remember that familiarity is comforting, and who doesn’t want to feel that?
  • Continuity: Invite readers back by posting and adding new content on a regular basis. Decide the number of posts that work best for you and reach your goal every month.
  • Community: Foster a connection with your readers by creating a conversation through your posts. Share the work of others on your blog and visit others on theirs.
  • Content: Use all aspects of your creative endeavors to help you create compelling posts. And don’t forget the art!
  • Comments: Create content that sparks interest in, asks questions of, and/or touches the heart of your readers. Do your part and leave comments on other blogs as well.
  • Composition: Remember that you are an artist and pay close attention not only to the content but to the layout and visual design of your blog too.
  • Censoring: Although your blog is “your blog”, be sensitive to and aware of others and their interests when you write. Channel your negative rants into your art rather than your posts.
  • Creativity: Showcase your creativity, the very core of every art blog, by being authentic and allowing yourself to be vulnerable by sharing your art, ideas and beliefs.
  • Cultivating: Cultivate the artist within by making your art and blog a priority and by fostering your own development as an artist and member of the art community.

Each of these concepts came complete with homework—exercises designed to help you on your journey. In the very first post, I asked you to list three bullets that describe your ideal blog. If you have followed along from the start of this series, now is the time to revisit those bullets to see if you are closer to making your dream come true.

So what is the 10th C? Celebration.

Having a blog ought to be a positive experience, an adventure to live out, and a challenge that we all rise to meet. Each and every post ought to be a celebration. Celebrate your accomplishments and your goals met, your creativity and that of other artists, and your membership in the art and blogging community. But most of all, celebrate the fact that you have the desire, willingness and confidence to share your art and your voice with the world. When you truly love the experience of maintaining a blog and, as a result, others love the experience of visiting it, that is when you will know that you have created Your Blog, Your Way.


Seth Apter is a regular contributor to and the voice behind, The Altered Page. Seth’s book, The Pulse of Mixed Media, will be out in March 2012 (North Light Books).

You can listen to a podcast with Seth right here.


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2 Responses to Your Blog, Your Way: Post 11

  1. Marit says:

    Wise words, Seth… your series was fabulous, I read them all, learned a lot and now you give me permission to CELEBRATE! Oh yeay… I will do just that! Happy blogging my friend!

  2. Seth says:

    Thanks so much Marit for taking the time to read through all my posts and follow this series. Happy blogging to you too!