Collage Crafts Gone Wild Companion Page

U1953-CollageArtGoneWild_FLAT Express your unique self in wonderful and fascinating ways - with Collage Crafts Gone Wild, you will take your art to a whole new level, experimenting with new techniques and combining materials and objects in more ways than you can imagine!

In Collage Crafts Gone Wild you'll: • Discover 24 step-by-step projects from 13 of your favorite North Light authors. • Work with unique materials like foil, plaster, leather and molding paste, as well as everyday art supplies. • Create meaningful and personal masterpieces, including canvases, posters, jewelry, albums, mobiles, banners and more!

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  About the books: Art-Journal-9781599636153        Art-Saves-9781440309069_300dpi Art Journal Freedom by Dina Wakley           Art Saves by Jenny Doh                         Artistic-Mother-9781600613487_300dpi        untitled The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole              Bent, Bound & Stitched by Giuseppina “Josie” Cirincione          Collage-Fusion-9781600613302_300dpi        Collage-Lost-and-Found-33461-COVER Collage Fusion by Alma de la Melena Cox    Collage Lost and Found by Giuseppina “Josie” Cirincione                       Collage-Playground-9781600617935_300dpi        Collage-Unleashed-9781581808452_300dpi Collage Playground by Kimberly Santiago        Collage Unleashed by Traci Bautista   Layered-Impressions-9781440311475_300dpi        Layered-Tattered-Stitched-9781600611889_300dpi Layered Impressions by Katie Kendrick        Layered, Tattered & Stitched by Ruth Rae   Z8073_MixedStitched-flat.indd         Photocraft-9781440318702_300dpi Mixed and Stitched by Jen Osborn               Photocraft by Susan Tuttle and Christy Hydeck                     Plaster-Studio-9781440308154_300dpi         Taking-Flight-9781600610820_300dpi Plaster Studio by Stephanie Lee                  Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts and Judy Wise                                    

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