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Welcome! You have discovered the Traci Bautista doodling goodies page! This is the location where you will find Traci’s  super-special doodle and drawing gems such as a bonus doodle tutorial, easy and fun doodling templates and other exclusive innovative and interesting doodling ideas. It’s so simple, when you let yourself go, but can result in some of the most fun and inspiring tutorials available for mixed media drawing or journaling, we think anyway.


For more Doodles Unleashed bonus materials, check out these links:

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Download It! Inkjet print Background

Watch It! Stenciling, Stylistic Scrawls and Dimensional Graffiti Scribbles

Download It! Girlie Glam Faces

Watch It! Girlie Glam Doodle

Download It! Digitally Doodled Face

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    Feb 3, 2012 links still not working.

  3. jwinso says:

    links are still not working…

  4. Mrs B says:

    I have just received my book Doodles Unleashed here in Australia. I have tried to used the download material but it doesn’t work. I would ask that these links please be fixed so those of us who have just had access to this book can use them.

  5. peri says:

    Can’t access link. Please advise

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    I cannot download any of the links, could you please fix this problem. Many thanks

  7. ros says:

    I have bought traceys book and it gives you links to various videos and downloads but cannot access any of them other people have commented on this why has nothing been done about this problem does anyone read these comments??

  8. viviane says:

    bien recu mon livre ” le gribouillage revisité,” magnifique.
    déçue de ne pouvoir télécharger et regarder vidéo, j’espère que tout rentrera dans l’ordre d’ici quelques jours..
    créativement Viviane